January 2011

A day without laughter is a day wasted


Life turns and turns on the crystal glass breathing in our body
silence is a voice, our voice
silence is a body, our body
life turns and turns on the crystal glass breathing in our body
I invite you to breathe
I invite you to listen to silence.

Engraved in glass. Jaume Plensa is an artist and sculptor b. Barcelona, 1955.

San Quentin, you’ve been livin’ hell to me
You’ve busted me since nineteen sixty three
I’ve seen ’em come and go and I’ve seen ’em die
And long ago I stopped askin’ why (more…)

I stand upon a hill and see
A luminous country under me,
Through which at two the drunk sailor must weave;
The transient’s pause, the sailor’s leave.  (more…)

Unpacking in the raw new rooms, I clear,
Or try to clear, a space for us, that we
May cultivate an ease of moving here
With no encumbrance near,
In amplitude. But something hinders me: (more…)

Winds of the World, give answer! They are whimpering to and fro —
And what should they know of England who only England know? —
The poor little street-bred people that vapour and fume and brag,
They are lifting their heads in the stillness to yelp at the English Flag!


The final thing. The illiterate. The
Quiet but still something?
My body. My tree.
After that it becomes simply the

Tom Lubbock (1957-2011) Collagist; Illustrator and Chief Art Critic of the Independent. These are the last words of an essay – When words fail me. He died of a brain tumour and this is a long, often painful but poignant memoir of a journey that saw him lose his eloquence…

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