September 2011

I dwell in Possibility –
A fairer House than Prose –
More numerous of Windows –
Superior – for Doors – (more…)

Don’t look at your form, however ugly or beautiful.
Look at love and at the aim of your quest. …
O you whose lips are parched, keep looking for water.
Those parched lips are proof that eventually you will reach the source.

The seaman is like a fish, he cannot stay long out of water without going rotten.

Quoted in The Mediterranean, Fernand Braudel (1972), Vol 1, p 147.

Words take me from where I am.
Someone I’ll never have to know
has unlocked the door of the house that is
surrounded by trees then wilderness
and painted the colour of the sea.
The fire is lit and one I’ll never
meet has left out food and drink
and a note on the window-sill that reads
Stay here for as long as you like.



TLS, September 2011

In order always to be learning something by communication with others (which is one of the finest schools there can be), I observe in my travels this practice: I always steer those I talk with back to the subjects they know best.

To winds the sailor should confine his words,

The farmer to his oxen. Let the man of war

Tell of his wounds, the shepherd of his herds

(quoted from Propertius)

Something has been clarified there, but something remains obscure.