February 2012

i.m. Marie Colvin, journalist (1956-2012)

What is it to sleep
in a shelled hotel; seek
the streets, the battered streets,
whisper in a van at checkpoints? (more…)


My lover has failed to come to the trysting place,
It is perhaps that his mind is dazed,
Or perhaps that he went to another woman,
Or lured perhaps by festive folk, that he delays,
Or perhaps along the dark fringe
Of the forest he wanders lost

Quoted in Tishani Doshi’s poem, Another Man’s Woman

Rilke is following me everywhere
With his tailor-made suits
And vegetarian smile. (more…)

The day we went to the sea
Mothers in Madras were mining
The Marina for missing children. (more…)

I – hudson’s shortcut

our outcome was that you were in the way
we sailed to that conclusion on a dream
dreamt by a fool: our captain hudson claimed
that he could find a shortcut to the east (more…)

Cross the Welsh Bridge out of town, go up the hill
on Frankwell Street and you’ll see, above the Severn,
brick pillars with the sandy bloom of an ageing dog.
Around the back, Father’s surgery and waiting-room. (more…)

welcome to the land of milk and honey
where figalmondapricots grow
unmetaphorically on accommodating trees
eat of them and be my guest today
i’ll pay your taxi to the first roadblock (more…)

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