Eggs on a plate warmed the soul with delight
     And ringing of bells.
     What is more radiant than Easter in April,
     People, pray tell?
     Rays are caressing the grass, from the street
     Phrases and words...
     Quietly I wander from porch to the barn,
     Measuring boards.
     Waves of Easter ringing, external dawn,
     Like glow in the sky,
     Sound of a gramophone of our neighbors
     Bitterly cries,
     From kitchen follows it endlessly woeful
     Harmonica's sound,
     Much has gone on, oh yes much has gone on..
     The past, fall down!
     No, I don't get help from eggs on the dish!
     It's late... Gone are the rays..
     What is more hopeless than Easter in April,
     People, please say?