At summer’s end come angry rains
that sing with malice the walls and old men,
the cold small disc of the sun, and the horse
that kneels in the mud when halfway home. (more…)


How distant, the departure of young men
Down valleys, or watching
The green shore past the salt-white cordage.
Rising and falling.

Cattlemen, or carpenters, or keen
Simply to get away
From married villages before morning,
Melodeons play

On tiny decks past fraying cliffs of water
Or late at night
Sweet under the differently-swung stars,
When the chance sight

Of a girl doing her laundry in the steerage
Ramifies endlessly.
This is being young,
Assumption of the startled century

Like new store clothes,
The huge decisions printed out by feet
Inventing where they tread,
The random windows conjuring a street.

When exile breaks like a storm
over the open plain of my calm,
when sadness spreads its wings
and hangs, like a crow,
at my door,
I take up the frozen-winged sparrow
of my grief
I go, I go
till I find a child
and with the light of his eyes
I teach the sparrow to fly again
Yet, my love,
how often have I seen
when children grieve in this city
how, like little ducks,
they come to bathe
in the lake of your eyes

It was from Zahli that she rose
upon days curled into aromas
of baked bread, and mountains
floated like flat leaves. (more…)

The forest ended. Glad I was
To feel the light, and hear the hum
Of bees, and smell the drying grass
And the sweet mint, because I had come
To an end of forest, and because
Here was both road and inn, the sum
Of what’s not forest. But ’twas here
They asked me if I did not pass
Yesterday this way. ‘Not you? Queer.’
‘Who then? and slept here?’ I felt fear. (more…)

It’s a wonder, how tender and pure the sick are,
gazing across vast distances, seeing things that no one else does,
staying up at night, and smiling in the darkness,
as their beds caress them with the joy of having solved a mystery. (more…)

One who has a home no more
and hasn’t got a mate,
fades in the coffee bar alone,
days and nights disconsolate. (more…)

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