Pasărea mătăsii
În scrierea de mână—
Drum spre albastrul sud.
Cu el voi aduna ucrurile mării
și apa de acasă

Birds on silk
Painted by hand—
A way to the blue south.
With it I’ll gather sea things
And the waters of home.

Translation: Clelia Ifrim, Magdalena Dale, M. Kei


Exista un loc
cu cerul mereu senin
la capăt de drum.
Trebuie sa crezi asta
doar așa îl poți găsi

There is this one place
where the sky is always clear
the end of the road.
You must truly believe this
in order to find it, too

Translation: Adrian Soloman.

winter waves
break and turn over
their own shadow

no sky
no land — just
snow falling

First snow falling on the half-finished bridge

Walking around

an early spring garden–

going nowhere.

I like to wash,
the dust of this world
In the droplets of dew.

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